Group Training Sessions


There are Group Training Sessions  that you can join, which are free.  If you already have a training plan you can join the sessions and train according to your plan, or you can sign up to a personalised training plan which will include nutritional advice, a tailored weekly training plan and loads of tips on how to maximise your performance and get the most of out of your training.  Importantly, if you are taking up triathlon for the first time you will want to avoid injury and build up your strength and endurance gradually.

Core Development sessions, Swims and Runs are at Kite Beach – Dubai
These sessions all start at 06h30.  Ocean swim sessions will resume in September.
Address: 66-70 2 C St – Dubai

The rides are at the Al Qudra Cycle Path and at DXBike and different locations depending on local events and day of session.

If you participate in the group sessions, this is entirely at your own risk.

To enquire about a personal training plan, please fill in the contact form below.