About The Coach


SARA-LISE HARRIS – Certified Triathlon Coach and PADI Swimming Instructor has spent many years coaching women-only groups.  She started her first venture in Dubai in 2007, as an independent scuba instructor teaching women only, under the brand of “Divas in Dubai”.  She also teaches cycling to beginners, and is Brand Ambassador for Trek Bicycle Store UAE and for the Ironman brand Women for Tri.

Sara-Lise has been in and around the ocean and pool since she was young. She lived by the sea in South Africa for many years and ocean swimming and activities formed the larger part of her life. She started cycling in Spain 18 years ago, mainly in crazy Spanish traffic. She has been a PADI Staff instructor for over 15 years, and is also a freediver.  She started road cycling to improve her leg/lung capacity and then did her first half distance triathlon in 2012.

Through years of teaching ladies, she noticed how the psychological, physical and emotional need of many women is to “hang out” with their kindred spirits, whether they are doing a hobby, playing a sport or being creative.  Some women feel more comfortable in an all-women environment, especially where it’s necessary to wear tight sporting gear does not always hide the areas of our body which we’d like.

Come and join her and learn how to be a triathlete and discover a life changing sport involving a very personal, inward looking journey. This is not a journey to make you lose weight, but to improve your performance, your life choices, your fitness and your well-being. The outcomes are extraordinary.  Self-discovery and the realisation that you can do anything you tell your body to do are a major factor in this amazing metamorphosis of your body and mind.

Coaching can be in person, remotely, via Skype, email, and WhatsApp.

Contact her and find out more about how you can give your life a higher purpose and boost your performance to become a better you.