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Jaws and Open Water Swimming

I have only ever seen small sharks while swimming or snorkelling. I have never had the privilege to see a large predator except while scuba diving. Sadly, my current swimming terrain is almost void of reef fish, never mind predators! For some open ocean swimmers around the world, sharks are a concern. I was reading … Continue reading Jaws and Open Water Swimming

Walking the Walk

See the photo of the clouds over sloping hills?  I ran up there a week ago, feeling on top of my training.  I returned home after a short break in South Africa during which I trained consistently, and then on my return, I “rested” for 6 days. One of the hardest things about being a … Continue reading Walking the Walk

Triathletes of a Certain Age

I am a Woman of Certain Age. I love that expression. It doesn’t say quite old you are, and gives you a certain je ne sais quoi as quite often you will meet women who could be anything from the age of 35 to 50. Age can be quite secretive and deceiving. So that is where I … Continue reading Triathletes of a Certain Age

Plan your Tri – but try your Plan

A couple of years ago, I went to a very interesting talk on nutrition, held by Collin Allin. In view of an imminent half Ironman distance at the end of May, Dubai-based Tri coach Trace Rogers from Growings Coaching set up an evening for participants to receive advice on hydration and correct fuelling for this event. Collin Allin has participated … Continue reading Plan your Tri – but try your Plan

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